Friday 14 May 2010

Some Progress on the Sash Window Plans

My Appologies if you're waiting for progress on the plans for the sash windows. I've been distracted yet again, slowing me down but now I'm back on to it.
I've just completed a short analysis of the historical influences on the design of sash windows. Its the kind of background that helps shape some of the detail decisions I've had to make.

If you're interested to see where I'm coming from have a look here.
Feel free to leave me comments, knowing folks are interested helps me focus.
And, if you're up to speed with all this tinterweb stuff, the more who are keen, the more pressure on me to get cracking.

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Cheers, Andy

Monday 23 November 2009

Beginners Guide to Buying and Preparing Timber

In answer to one of the questions I've been asked, here's a Guide to buying Timber and preparing it for woodworking, carpentry and joinery.

It's written for a beginner like I was but it covers everthing that confused me at the time.

What's redwood U/S?
How to buy the right wood for the job?
How long do I acclimatise it for?

If you're starting out on a project like making your own windows it could well be worth reading.

How to, Beginners Guide to Buying and Preparing Timber

Hope its useful.

Friday 30 October 2009

Box Sliding Sash Window Plans and Construction details

The first of my box sliding sash windows has now been installed for 10 months. It's still looking good and functioning well. The seals are keeping it draught proofed, there are no signs of any joint movement or wear and the double glazed units are performing as they should.

The only slight problem has been a sash cord stretching so one of the weight touches the bottom of box. I just need to move the knot up a bit.

Details and Construction of DG Timber Box Sliding Sash Window plans to Download?

It's now on my list to build the rest. Before I do, I will review the construction details and amend the plans if I can think of any better ways to do things. I'll write up and draw all the construction details, including measurements and installation. I'll also detail the manufacturing using basic workshop tools.

I plan to make all the details available as an ebook, available for a small charge. If you are interested please leave a comment to give me the motivation to crack on.

The sums seem to add up if you have the knowledge, skills and time. A bespoke bought window would cost around £1000 each and a home made window around £300. I've justified equipping my workshop/garage with part of the savings I'll be making. If I could have bought the plans a year ago I would have.

Let me know what you think.