Friday, 14 May 2010

Some Progress on the Sash Window Plans

My Appologies if you're waiting for progress on the plans for the sash windows. I've been distracted yet again, slowing me down but now I'm back on to it.
I've just completed a short analysis of the historical influences on the design of sash windows. Its the kind of background that helps shape some of the detail decisions I've had to make.

If you're interested to see where I'm coming from have a look here.
Feel free to leave me comments, knowing folks are interested helps me focus.
And, if you're up to speed with all this tinterweb stuff, the more who are keen, the more pressure on me to get cracking.

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Cheers, Andy


Mark said...

Andy -

I've been considering having a crack at building my own sashes, and finding your blog has helped me think it might be actually possible! Keep up the good work and I'd really be interested when you've got plans available.

FourEd said...

Building your own sash windows can very rewarding, all be it very time consuming. However, if you get it right, they will certainly make your home look great.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Sliding sash windows were a key theme in the Victorian home, during the reign of Victoria (1837-1901). There were many themes in homes that appeared.Orangery

Dave said...

you mentioned preparing an instruction manual for DIY double glazed timber sash windows I would cetainly be interested in buying a copy Have you got round to completing it yet

Andy said...

The plans and instructions are still in the pipeline. I have made a few tweaks to the earlier design, simplifying some of the joints and altering section dimensions.
I'm in the process of building 5 complete windows at the moment. 3 1/2 days between Christmas and New Year got all the profiles cut for the box frames. The sash frames are sat in the front room ready for glazing, so I'm getting closer now.
I've been recording and photographing as I go covering any potentially tricky bits as I go.
As soon as these are finished and the first one installed I'll be able to finish compiling the instructions and plans.

I know this is dragging on but I've made some new year resolutions and it will be done!

Brian said...

This is exactly what I have been looking for - a practical approach to making ones own sash windows. Well done. Now I REALLY want to have a copy of your plans - when do you think you will have them available? I know I am not alone. Prepared to pay a reasonable price for them.
Looking forward to the conclusion.

Anonymous said...

Well done very worth while effort. This is an excellent job precisely carried out!

Rob Kelly said...

I am very impressed with the way you have documented your work on the sash project - mistakes and triumphs.
I hope your plans sell well as I can imagine there are a lot of enthusiast woodworkers looking for just such details.

How did you get on with the rest of the windows? Is wendy still happy with the garage wood hermit?

Andy said...

Thank Rob, The next windows are very nearly ready for installation just a final coat of paint on the sashes after fitting the glazing. Meanwhile I think I'm still in good books even though the garage is given over to Trike building at the moment.

double glazed cornwall said...

What a great blog, such clear instructions and details. Thanks for this - makes me appreciate just how much work goes into it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,

I've just subscribed to your blog and will read back through. I have a Victorian cottage with evil 1970s "picture windows" that are about to fall out :D

Next door still has the original sashes to copy.

Keep up the good work!

Shane said...

I like what your doing here.

I've got a similar blog where we give you the tools you need to fully draught proofing your own sash windows.

Check it out, I'd love to know if people find it useful.

Alpha said...

I like what your doing here.

I've got a similar blog where we give you the tools you need to fully draught proofing your own sash windows.


Check it out, I'd love to know if people find it useful.

Sasha said...

Sounds like your Sash Windows are coming along nicely now. Well done.

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Mary Ruthrina Dums said...

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Anonymous said...

What happened to the plans??

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