Friday, 2 January 2009

Window ONE Fitted and Working well

So the first window is fitted and working nicely. A few glitches and mistakes along the way, all part of the learning process. I'm chuffed with the result and so is Wendy.

Apart from top of the outside lining being too close to the brick arch. I think the proportion work well.

Inside it looks great and the double glazing doesn't distract at all.

I'll be re-working some of the design details with the benefit of hindsight. I'll also be monitoring the performance of this one for few months to see if there s anything else that can be tweaked.

My intention is then to detail the design and plans fully. Check everything by building the others. Then if all goes well making the plans available to purchase as an e-book or what ever they are called.

If anyone is interested email me or leave a comment any feedback will be gratefully received.

Fitting the sashes

I was glad I had practiced this as time was running out, it was getting colder and I just heard the weather forecast for up to 60 mph winds and heavy rain.

The cords feed over the pulleys and then the top sash is lifted so the weight can be attached.

The Lead weights first as they have a hole running all the way through then the iron weight tied on so so it just clears the bottom of the box.

The parting bead can then be driven in. I had pre-painted these and it was a good tight fit. May be too tight if I ever have to remove them.

The bottom sash goes in exactly like the top sash. Just in time as the rain started coming down.

Next day I fitted the pocket covers and Staff beads. Then another few days latter I finish it off with some architrave.

Fitting the New Frame

The frame eventually jiggled in quite nicely.

To lift the frame up from the stone cill I fitted a piece of squashed copper pipe under it. This went to about 35mm of the front edge. Just behind the drip groove. I sealed it with silicone later on. The idea behind this came after seeing Zinc strips under old window allowing the timber window to move with expansion and contraction whilst maintaining a seal upstand on the stone cill.

The whole frame is held in with four screws fitted at angles through the each corner into the brick work.

Taking the old window out

With a full day allocated for the job and assistance from Dave on hand we went past the point of no return and ripped the old window out.

Leaving us with the reveal looking like this.

After about an hour chiseling the brick work to get rid of the high spots the frame would just squeeze in.

Trimming it down

It was going to be tight fit. To give me an extra 6mm on the width I took the cover off one of the weight boxes, planed the rebate off and fitted some breathable membrane (roofing felt) on instead.

The top needed trimming as well. It's designed to allow for a bit trimming but I ended up having to trim more than I'd planned for.


I nearly cried after I just checked the size of the old window to see how much plaster I'd have to take off.

The new window was too small, how can that be? what went wrong? How could I possibly recover from this.

I tracked the problem to the spreadsheet I had done to work out the dimensions. I found I had subtracted the size of the outer lining lining lip instead of adding it, resulting in the window being 80mm too narrow and 40m too short. OH S*#T.

After I'd calmed down I checked the other window sizes and Lady Luck came to visit. It should fit in one of the other rooms. A tight fit and a little too high but workable. Phew!

I did a little investigating with a crow bar to get the exact sizes of the brick work.

Getting ready to install

With the new lead weights collected I was ready for installation - Almost.

The Lead bought in one meter lengths need cutting down to the right size. The circular saw cuts it nicely. I also cleaned up and painted another 4 iron weights.

The weights dividers fitted in...

And the back of the weight boxes fitted. Made from 6mm ply.

I then did a trial fitting of one sash to make sure the weight would fit and to practice the procedure. To do this I fitted the cords using 25mm no.6 screws, 4 off on each cord.

With everything ready it was time to start ripping out the old window.